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Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
was heavily damaged but no one was injured. >> president obama had the first face-to-face meeting with congressional leaders about that looming fiscal cliff. >> the president wants to continue the bush-era tax cut for most people but expire for the top 2% of earners. republicans were seeking extensions for everyone but boehner said tax hikes are on the table as long as three come with spending cuts. diane sawyer will have more after abc2 news at 6:00. >>> the fight against domestic violence continues. the state unveiled a program that will be hospital-based and gbmc is receiving $27,000 in state funds. it will expand services. the program aims to find victims in an early stage of the cycle and give them the support to prevent physical or emotional harm. similar programs are in place at mercy and sinai hospital. >>> winter may not officially begin for another month. the looming threat of snow has the city gearing up for a possible winter storm. the equipment has been checked out and it's already to go. people should have an emergency kit for a possible storm. you might have used up
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? . >>> a little bit of snow coating on the tops, not as much as they have in garret. wyatt will join us in two minutes to see in there is any snow in our future. >> we have been giving you a look at some of the area's best and brightest for weeks. tonight our student athlete of the week is a student who gets in the ring rather than step on the field. a kid who stands out in the crowd. shows up at four, runs two miles, works out for two hours, hits northeast high school and then hits the boxing club. >> i grew up there since i was about this tall, two years old and grew on me. >> reporter: left, right left, kick and punch. >> willing to push himself that extra mile. >> reporter: dad is the one who introduced him to boxing. >> i like training. i like to run and do the different work out was the sled team or in the weights.
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
night of waiting for the election results to come in. >>> if you noticed president obama looking a little older than he did four years ago? doctors say it's all part of the job. the stress that comes with being president tends to age people more rapidly, and doctors say that presidents age twice as fast while in office. >> he's going to age. he ages 8 years for every four years he's in office on average. we have studied since teddy roosevelt till now. you notice obama got gray hair? well, that's normal. they will age twice as many years as they're in office. >> according to the doctor one of the main reasons they age so quickly is lack of friends. what? says they have few people they can vent to when things get tough. >>> coming up, you can get a great deal by shopping on-line, but getting a great fit can be a lot harder. >> we're going to show you a new website that is helping women to get a real feel for clothing before they buy it. >> all of the ads and phone calls all come down to one state. we're going to take you to that one no for yes, sir swing state and show you how they'r
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
be some bad. i believe that it is the signature law for president obama and the signature law for governor romney in massachusetts. i personally would repeal the bad and try to keep the good, especially maintaining insurance on our children until they're 26. >> we have about a minute left. while you are one person running for congress, how do you address the on going stalemate and jm nastiness that exists in both houses? >> i believe it's due to party alee gens. they both feel they need to defend their party. overall, as a libertarian, i don't have the part aplea gens, so i basically would be able to reach across the aisle and come with a come promiessments truly my only reresponsibility is to the people of my district and the people of this country. >> all right. paul drogos. good luck in november. to see the interview and other candidate interviews, log on to and don't forget to vote tuesday, november the 6th. >>> that's it for abc2 news at 6. we'll be back here at 11. see you tonight. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven. well, let me give
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? >>> here at abc2 we are committed to giving you the next you need when you head to the polls in november. as part of our commitment for democracy 2012 we're bring you five-minute interviews with the candidates. nancy jacobs is on the ballot. thanks for joining us. >> a pleasure to be here. you know, everybody knows we're facing the worst economy since the great depression. we're $16trillion in debt. we're at a cross roads. i think it's important to ask ourselves are you better off today than you were four years ago? secondly, what is -- has dutch ruppersberger done. i don't think he has done anything to improve the bleak practice. as a former business owner, i think i know what it takes to create jobs in the private sector. the federal government has got to sup
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
results came in. president obama will serve a second term in office. >> democrats remain in control of the senate and republicans in the house. the senate will have the largest number of female members in its history. right here in maryland we saw voters heading to the polls in droves. many people were drawn by all the questions. question four the dream act. question six same-sex marriage and question seven on expanded blsmght the mayor said she felt confident except for one pooh honestly, i felt very good about the president's chances about question six. because of all the machine nip spent, i did not have confidence that question seven would carry. >> they approved measures on sus spptions of elected officials. >>> we're continuing to track the massive water main break and how it could affect your morning commute and superstorm sandy dumped more than a foot of snow on gather rete county. foontd out what wrergt conditions are on the way. >> 44 pat bwi. 16 degrees below our normal of 60. no two ding winner ---degree winner today. will it have anyor tricks up its sleeves? we answer c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6